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Oh No, Not Governance again!

If you ask anyone using SharePoint what is governance you can bet that they will all have a different answer for what governance is. But as we are using SharePoint we should consider what Microsoft has to say what governance is. According to Microsoft “governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that […]


Microsoft Patch Tuesday fixes security vulnerabilities in SharePoint

Microsoft released Security Bulletin MS13-067 on Tuesday to fix ten vulnerabilities in SharePoint, one publicly disclosed and nine privately reported. According to Microsoft this update resolves severe vulnerabilities that could “allow remote code execution in the context of the W3WP service account if an attacker sends specially crafted content to the affected server.” The security […]


Information Security and You

In the last quarter of 2012 (ISC)2 carried out a survey called the 2013 Global Information Security Workforce study ((ISC)2 also has their own graphic found here). Security personnel from across the globe participated in this survey which looked at information security, BYOD and the cloud. The Praetorian Guard boiled down the highlights of this […]

spc 14

Microsoft will finally hold its SharePoint Conference

Everyone was wondering what happened to the SharePoint conference in 2013. Well your wonderings and worries are over. SPC 14 is finally here, a little late, but here. SPC 14, a must attend premier event, will be held on March 3-6, 2014 in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel and Resort. THE HISTORY Microsoft started […]

Visualizing SharePoint Data, Making great charts with SharePoint Business Charts

Visualizing SharePoint Data, Making great charts with SharePoint Business Charts

Need a new way to present information on SharePoint? Are you visual person and need to see SharePoint list information visually? Do you have a lot of data and want a great way to condense and analyze it? If you are nodding your head vigorously then you need to take a look at SharePoint Business […]


Week in Review, July 29-August 2, 2013

Here is a glimpse of what was out there (news, new or updated products, apps, solutions, tips, etc.) for and about SharePoint for the week of July 29-August 2, 2013.   Microsoft releases Service Pack 2 Although this was last week’s news, this important announcement was important enough for you to know about. On July […]

Happy Birthday to BoostSolutions

Happy Birthday to BoostSolutions

BoostSolutions was born five years ago and we want everyone to celebrate with us. As part of our birthday celebrations we are giving away free add-ons and web-parts as well as giving you deep discounts on some of our great products. Our celebrations will last until August 19, 2013 and we will be giving away […]


Data Connector and SQL WHERE clause to filter data

This article will give you a basic understand of the SQL WHERE clause. This will come in handy when you are setting up BoostSolutions Data Connector and for those who want to do more with Data Connector. For those who are not familiar with SQL commands, a simple definition is necessary. SQL commands, which contain […]