Microsoft will finally hold its SharePoint Conference

spc 14

Everyone was wondering what happened to the SharePoint conference in 2013. Well your wonderings and worries are over. SPC 14 is finally here, a little late, but here. SPC 14, a must attend premier event, will be held on March 3-6, 2014 in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel and Resort.

spc 14


Microsoft started holding SharePoint conferences back in 2006. The inaugural SharePoint Conference was held in Bellevue, Washington in May 2006 and featured Bill Gates as the Keynote speaker. That year showcased the upcoming SharePoint 2007 to participants and mapped out the future of where they wanted to go and how they were going to get there.

The second conference was held in 2009 in Las Vegas. This conference again marked the announcement of a new SharePoint version, SharePoint 2010, and showcased the how users could connect to the intranet and internet seamlessly.

In 2011, Microsoft held its’ conference at the gates of the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland. This conference highlighted SharePoint’s move to the cloud.

The last SharePoint conference to be held by Microsoft was SPC 2012. The major announcements for this conference revolved around the major theme of being social. With the acquisition of Yammer, Microsoft wanted to increase its presence in the enterprise social scene and help people work together.


SPC 14

Are you a developer, IT professional or executive? If you answered yes then SPC 14 is for you! With tons of topics and loads of interesting things to see and do, this must attend event is the most anticipated SharePoint event from Microsoft and it is finally here! Here are some of the things that await you at SPC 14.

For Developers

The theme for developers is “Reimagine” and with that in mind you will learn to build Office and SharePoint solutions for today and tomorrow. The push for developers is developing solutions for the cloud. At SPC 14 developers will “reimagine the way that you build solutions. Reimagine the way that you customize applications. Reimagine Office and SharePoint.”

For IT Professionals

The theme for IT professionals is “Connect” and as such SPC14 wants you to connect with peers, technology, the cloud and SharePoint. Topics include:
Window Server
Visual Studio
SQL Server
And more!

For Executives

The theme for executives is “Transform” and as such at SPC 14 you will learn about the future of work and how to stay competitive thus “transforming” your business and getting it ready for the future. At SPC 14 you will get:
Sessions on technology, best practices and trends
Presentations from Microsoft experts, partners and industry leaders
Round table discussions
Customer stories and case studies
The opportunity to network and get together with top community members


Registration for SPC 14 will start in September so stay tuned to their website for more details. Are you planning to attend SPC 14? Talk back and let us know: