Happy Birthday to BoostSolutions

BoostSolutions was born five years ago and we want everyone to celebrate with us. As part of our birthday celebrations we are giving away free add-ons and web-parts as well as giving you deep discounts on some of our great products. Our celebrations will last until August 19, 2013 and we will be giving away different products away every few days as well as changing the products that will have deep discounts. Check our promotion page often to take advantage of these great offers.



The first product we will be giving away is BoostSolutions SharePoint Document Viewer. SharePoint Document Viewer allows you to view documents directly within your browser without installing additional software. Document Viewer supports Microsoft Office documents (2003/2007/2010/2013), PDFs, images, web pages, and so on. You can preview documents using thumbnails and view PDF bookmarks.


We are also giving you 50% off on three great products: SharePoint Classifier, SharePoint Excel Import and SharePoint Data Connector.


SharePoint Classifier

SharePoint Classifier is a complete document management system for SharePoint which enables users to classify, organize and share their documents. With SharePoint Classifier you can: bulk edit or classify documents; bulk check in documents; bulk approve/reject documents; bulk copy/move list items and documents; auto number documents according to a numbering scheme; filter using multiple values; filter by complex criteria; filter any SharePoint column; bulk tag; zip and unzip in document library; view and export audit logs; and more.


SharePoint Excel Import

SharePoint Excel Import allows users to import an Excel spreadsheet to any existing SharePoint list quickly and easily. With SharePoint Excel Import you can import Excel spreadsheets to SharePoint; create a new list from an Excel spreadsheet; import spreadsheets automatically by schedule; map fields between SharePoint list and Excel; export selected items and all items; check duplicate records when importing an Excel spreadsheet; and update SharePoint list using an Excel file


SharePoint Data Connector

SharePoint Data Connector helps you quickly and easily import and export business data between SharePoint list and SQL server, Oracle database, MySQL and more. With SharePoint Data Connector you can: integrate existing applications with SharePoint; map columns with powerful column mapping capabilities; filter external data using SQL statements; update data automatically by schedule; create a new list from external data; and log and track errors.


Please email us if you have any comments or questions: inquiry@boostsolutions.com.