Information Security and You

In the last quarter of 2012 (ISC)2 carried out a survey called the 2013 Global Information Security Workforce study ((ISC)2 also has their own graphic found here). Security personnel from across the globe participated in this survey which looked at information security, BYOD and the cloud. The Praetorian Guard boiled down the highlights of this study into an easy to read graphic.


Why is this important to you?


This is important for SharePoint users as SharePoint 2013 has moved to the cloud making it easier and cheaper for individual users and small business as you no longer have to buy your own hardware or software. You can send large initial start-up costs back to Microsoft by signing up for and using their cloud based SharePoint, SharePoint Online. It is also now easier and simpler to access SharePoint 2013 from anywhere using any device thus BYOD becomes an important aspect to consider when thinking about security. Whether you are hosting your own cloud or moving to a public cloud, security and securing your system, data, etc., as well as hiring the right people to implement your security strategy is very important.


Without further ado here is the graphic from the Praetorian Guard:

info security workforce

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