New and Improved Features of SharePoint 2016 – 1

On 14th March 2016, Microsoft announces the release of SharePoint 2016 RT, this is an important milestone of SharePoint 2016 release, and includes many new capabilities for users, IT workers and administrators.

Microsoft has announced the new or improved features of SharePoint 2016 early, here are some features.

Compliance Center in SharePoint 2016

The Compliance center enables you build your own policies and apply them to your SharePoint server. You can create policies to delete documents in users’ OneDrive for Business sites after specific periods of time.

Even better, a policy can be assigned to a site collection template, which means that policies will works in the site collections already created from the template, and in addition to any site collections created from that template.

Document Library Access

  • Easy to navigate a page with landmarks.
  • Support Keyboard shortcuts for the following document tasks:
    • Alt + N – New
    • Alt + E – Edit
    • Alt + U – Upload
    • Alt + M – Manage
    • Alt + S – Share
    • Alt + Y – Synchronization.
  • Focus improvements, such as keeping focus on prior elements and focus trapping.
  • Announcements for upload progress.
  • Announcements for file name and file types when browsing folder and file lists.
  • Improved callout reading.
  • Fixed use of color issues for views switcher.

Durable links

Resource-based URLs now retain links when documents are renamed or moved in SharePoint.

To use this function, you need to activate “Document ID Service” feature in site collection.


Encrypted Connections

When you set up an SSL binding in Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager to host your web application, SharePoint uses TLS 1.2 connection encryption if your client application supports it. SharePoint also supports TLS 1.2 connection encryption when connecting to other systems, for example when crawling websites.

Fast Site Collection Creation

Save your time in creating a site collection. This new feature provides templates that work at same level as SQL Server, which reduces the round trips required between the SharePoint and SQL servers. Use the SPSiteMaster Windows PowerShell cmdlets to create sites and site collections quickly.

Filename with Expanded Support for Special Characters

SharePoint has historically blocked file names that included the &, ~, {, and } characters, file names that contained a GUID, file names with leading dots, and file names longer than 128 characters. These restrictions are removed in SharePoint Server 2016 and are now available to use.

Image and Video Previews

In SharePoint Server 2016 when you post images and videos to a document library, you can see a preview by hovering the mouse over the image or video, or by clicking on them.


Support Large File

Previous versions of SharePoint did not support uploading or downloading files larger than 2,047 MB. SharePoint 2016 now allows you to upload or download larger files. You can configure the desired maximum file-size limit on a per-web application basis in your SharePoint farm.


Access Services

The following new Access features are available when you deploy Access Services in SharePoint 2016:

  • Support apps for Office.
  • Access App Upgrade.
  • Download in Excel feature available for users to pivot Access tables.
  • With the improved Related Item Control, you can do the following:
    • Choose from any existing view for the dialog box on the Related Item Control.
    • Add a new item on the Related Item Control when the parent record isn’t saved.
    • Turn off the Add link at the bottom of the Related Item Control.
  • The Cascading Combo box is now available in Access.

Customized Web Parts

Improve the compile time for customized XSLT files used for Content Query, Summary Links, and Table of Contents Web Parts.