Migrating Your Email to Office 365 part 2

Migrating email to Office 365 can be a daunting task. But with some preparation and planning you can easily migrate your email to Office 365. Here are three more vendors you can look at to help you migrate your email to Office 365 successfully.



CloudMigrator by CloudSolutions essentially helps you move all messages, appointments, tasks and contacts to the cloud, in our case email to Office 365. If you prefer, CloudMigrator can also move your items to a different application in the cloud as per your preference. CloudSolutions states that CloudMigrator is the “world’s leading multi-platform migration tool, trusted by hundreds of organizations to move millions of message, appointments, tasks and contacts to the cloud.”



MigrationWiz has a four step process to migrate your email. First you configure the connector and your mailbox. Second you submit your trial migration. That’s right, MigrationWiz features a trial migration as part of its service. This gives you the added advantage of seeing how a migration works and whether it works for your email. In the third step, after deciding that the trial is successful, you purchase a migration license to migrate all your mailboxes. MigrationWiz also states they offer discounts for large organizations. In the last step you submit your configuration and license and they finish off the migration for you.



Transend gives you over 25+ years of experience and “award winning email migration and conversion solutions.” With Transend Migrator you can move your email data to/from Office 365. Here are some of the key benefits and features that Transend lists on their website:

– Intuitive user interface for single user migrations or automated migrations of bulk mailboxes.
– Supports virtually any email system – Exchange/Outlook, Domino/Note, GroupWise, IMAP and many more
– Migration Monitor displays real-time migration progress – you’re never left in the dark


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