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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer at |

    Has anyone else tried to do this? I wasn’t able to find the functions shown in the pictures and every other search I’ve found says I have to connect to Outlook. Is there any possible way to print a calendar directly from SharePoint?

  2. Kris
    Kris at |


    You have to buy this or some other 3rd party product to be able to print directly from SharePoint. I can’t get my company to pull the trigger, and it is frustrating that Microsoft does not allow for calendar views and/or overlays to also “Connect to Outlook.”

  3. Tim
    Tim at |

    Try a right-click on the SharePoint Calendar month listed above the calendar in the top left hand corner. A print option should be listed in the drop down box that results from the right-click.
    You can then modify the print options from your printer.

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