Rich Text Boost

SharePoint “Out of the Box”disadvantages:

1. Cannot change the size of the rich text field

2. Cannot easily manage files/links in the Rich Text field

3. Cannot upload flash to the Rich Text field


Installing SharePoint Rich Text Boost lets you:

1. Increase or decrease the size of the rich text editor area without changing list settings;
2. Upload and insert images, flash movies and hyperlinks to any rich text field directly;
3. Option to automatically resize images as they are uploaded to the rich text editor area or preserve the original dimensions of the image;
4. Customizable rich text editor control panel allows users to enable or disable any RichText Boost functionality;
5. Configure rich text editor settings from the list level or from the site collection level;
Integrated memory function will store rich text editor area dimensions between item edits for a more user-friendly viewing experience.

Want to know more? Head to SharePoint Rich Text Boost page.

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