Outlook Integration

What’s the reason for sharing Outlook emails on your SharePoint? It’s so sharing emails or attachments with your SharePoint team easily without having to email back and forth. Everything would be in SharePoint and collaborating with fellow SharePoint users would be quicker.

Also, it’s a good way to archive and back up your emails to SharePoint just in case something happens to your email server.

  • Copies or moves e-mails directly to SharePoint’s lists and libraries
  • Copies or moves attachments directly to SharePoint’s lists and libraries
  • Allows for overwriting files automatically
  • Access libraries directly from Outlook’s window
  • Automatically mapping e-mail’s metadata and attributes to SharePoint’s list columns
  • Allows user to save e-mails in a different format which includes msg, html, txt, doc, mht
  • Site collection administrator can decide which list or library can be used to upload files
  • Allows for dragging and dropping
  • Outlook and SharePoint single place location

For more information and technical details, click SharePoint Outlook Integration

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