Workflow Boost Feature List

Product Features

Workflow Management

Supports SharePoint list workflow

Allows users to create list workflow within any site in a site collection

Provide ribbon entry to Create a workflow or Manage Workflows

Manage Workflow Boost settings at list or site level

View workflow status and manage workflows on one page

Store value in a variable and manage variables via Variables Settings

Start workflow manually

Start workflow when an item is created or modified

Create, delete, and publish workflow directly from the designer interface

Workflow Activities

Query Data – Query column data from lists based on conditions

Set Variable – Store different types of data for reference

Condition – Branch the Workflow depending on whether the value detected is true or false

Loop – Repeat a sequence of steps for each item in a list or library

Delay – Pause workflow for a defined period of time

Create Item – Create an item

Delete item – Delete an item based on conditions

Update Item – Modify an Item based on conditions

Log History – Log for tracing

Approval – Request one or more users to process an approval

Send E-Mail – Send notification emails

Request Data – Request a user to enter some data

Delay – Delay workflow for specific time

End Workflow – End a workflow

Supports Lookup columns with the same source list in Update Item and Create Item Activities

Supports Cascaded Lookup in Create, Update and Delete Item activities

Show all appending content in notification emails

Supported Environments

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Supported Browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8/9/10, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (For SharePoint 2013)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later, Mozilla Firefox (For SharePoint 2010)

Supported Languages




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