Display Site Users in a Navigational Tree View

The Site User Directory Web Part can read and display all users with avatar pictures in SharePoint. Users are displayed in an easy to navigate tree view. Site users can be viewed by site, alphabetically, according to their membership in OU or their online/offline status.

Custom Display of Tabs and Properties

Site User Directory groups AD properties in tabs. You can add or delete the tabs and properties; change the display names of certain tabs and properties to user-friendly ones; and even move a tab or property up or down to adjust its display order.

Display Members of SharePoint and AD Groups

A major difference between the SharePoint default Site User web part and SharePoint Site User Directory is the ability of the latter to not only display SharePoint groups and AD groups, but also all members of SharePoint and AD groups in SharePoint.

Search Site Users by their Account Names

A quick way to search site users is by using the Site User Directory Web Part search box. Just input the user name and with one click you can get a user’s data.

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