Screenshot of Site User Directory window

To use SharePoint Site User Directory, the web part has to be added to the site it should be displayed on.

1. Configuring Site User Directory

The web part allows for defining an Organizational Unit, and whether or not the user directory should be displayed as an Organizational Unit in the Organization Tab.

Configure SharePoint users

After this, the administrator has to select, what AD information should be displayed, and how.

Site User Directory gives the option to change the order of AD properties displayed, to remove or add items, as well as remove, add and rename tabs.

For example, if no picture of users should be displayed, the administrator can just remove this AD property form the Site User Directory. If on the other hand, more information like a fax number, or customized AD properties should be added, this can also be easily modified.

1.1. Renaming an AD property item

Click the name of an item once to rename an AD property item.

Rename AD Property

1.2. Removing AD property item

To remove an item, click on the cross on the right side of the item.

Remove AD items

1.3. Restore an AD property

To restore an item, click the bent arrow.

Restore AD items to this web part

1.4. Setting hierarchy among AD properties

Move an item up or down, select it first by clicking it once. After this, the item can be moved up and down by clicking the arrows on top of the AD properties.

Move AD items during configuring this SharePoint web part

Moving, renaming, and removing tabs works in a similar way. To add a new tab, click on the Add Tab button in the lower right corner. A new tab will appear at the bottom of the AD properties, named "New Tab".

Add new tab to show more information form AD

1.5. Adding an AD property to web part

To add new AD properties, click the Add Properties button. After that, enter the Property Name and the Display Name in the Site User Directory.

Add new property

After setting up the web part, click the OK button to confirm the changes.

2. Display Site User Information

To display user information, click on the user name in the directory. Enter any name or letter to search for specific users, and confirm the search by pressing Enter or clicking the Search icon right of the Search field These will be displayed in a Search Result list.

SharePoint Site User Directory allows search user's AD inforamtion

The user information will be displayed according to the preferences set in the settings. To print the user information click the Print icon in the upper right corner.

Print Users information through SharePoint users directory web part

To display the users' status on the web part, select which status type you want to display, SharePoint login status or MSN status. If you don't want to display the status, select the Do not display online status.

Configure SharePoint Users’ Online status

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