Andy Dale's SharePoint Award Winners 2010

1. Best SharePoint Information Site

Winner -

Expert Comment – A great site written not for developers but for real SharePoint Administrators. It really feels as if they care.

Runner Up - SharePoint Magazine

2. Best SharePoint Web Part Provider

Winner - Amrein Engineering

Expert Comment -Very easy to navigate round site. Like the variety of web parts on offer and how they are explained, lots of crowd pleasers in there.

Runner Up - KWizCom

3. Best SharePoint Administration Tool

Winner - ControlPoint (scored a perfect 10)

Expert Comment -Hands down the best in the industry. Very user friendly. Extremely strong permissions reporting capability – the top requirement for managing large farms as 80% of all support calls come from permissions management.

Runner Up - DocAve Administrator

4. Best Website Built on SharePoint

Winner - Chilis

Expert Comment -The most fun site I have seen in years! That chalk work is amazing! Great branding.

Runner Up - Swatch

5. Best SharePoint Training Packages

Winner - Combined Knowledge CBT

Expert Comment –Combined Knowledge continues to lead the way with SharePoint Training. You can tell they understand SharePoint.

Runner Up - CBT Clips

6. Best SharePoint Offline Solution

Winner - Colligo Contributor (perfect 10 again)

Expert Comment - An all great round solution which is easy to use. They offer more than just Outlook integration.

Runner Up - MyDocs from Nsynergy

7. Most Useful SharePoint Web Part

Winner - Column\View Permissions from SharePoint Boost

Expert Comment - By far the most business benefit – one of the top requests I get on a daily basis. This tool is perfect to resolve that!

Runner Up - Bamboo SharePoint Video Library

8. Favourite Free SharePoint Web Part/Add-On

Winner - Google Charts

Expert Comment – Making life simple is what we all want and this is what Google Charts does.

Runner Up - Visualizer from Equilibrium (Digital Assets)

Expert Comment - Phwooaar, coooool. Very slick. Great way to wow your audience. End users love stuff like this.

9. Most Fun Free Web Part

Winner - Daily Dilbert

Expert Comment – Start your SharePoint with a smile every day.

Runner Up - Hello User from Bamboo Solutions

10. Best SharePoint Application

Winner - ShareKnowledge – E-Learning Solution from Competentum

Expert Comment –Brilliant ! Now businesses can really use SharePoint to train their workforce. Great for Health & Safety courses. So easy to design courses as well. Ideal for any size organisation who have SharePoint.

Runner Up - MediaRich Digital Asset Management from Equilibrium

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