Andy Dale's SharePoint Award Winners 2009

1. Best SharePoint Information Site 2009

Winner – SharePoint Reviews

Not just mentioning them because this is their site, but I have to pay tribute on what a great start they have made and how quickly they have become the source for all SharePoint Products.

2. Best SharePoint Webpart Provider 2009

Winner – BoostSolutions

Creating easy to install and use webparts as if they are going out of fashion.

3. Best SharePoint Administration Tool 2009

Winner – ControlPoint from Axceler

Finally a way of really managing all those user permissions across all of your servers and sites. Oh, and very useful for moving complete sites.

4. Best Website built on SharePoint 2009

Winner – Cadbury

Chocolate and SharePoint have never tasted so good.

5. Best SharePoint Training Package 2009

Winner – CBT Clips

Still the best solution to show End Users how to use SharePoint.

6. Best SharePoint Offline Solution 2009

Winner – Colligo Contributor from Colligo

Allows SharePoint to be with you even when the network isn't. Don't forget to download the free reader on the right.

7. Most Useful SharePoint Webpart 2009

Winner – BATCH CHECK-IN FROM BoostSolutions

Lets us finally get rid of the 'Checked Out' annoyance after we have move lots of documents.

8. Favorite Free SharePoint Webpart 2009

Winner – Google Search Webparts

Keep your users in SharePoint as they Google away.

9. Most Fun Free Webpart 2009

Winner – Picture Puzzle Widget from Spring Widgets

Spring Widget have lots of snazzy free webparts including cat clocks with moving tails.

10. Biggest SharePoint Mess-up 2009

Winner – Microsoft for 180 day expire error on SP 2.

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