Countdown to a Target Date and Time

The countdown timer reminds people of the remaining time for upcoming milestones and deadlines for a project. It is helpful for long-term project planning and effective delivery of projects.

Adjustable Formats for Display Time

There are three styles for displaying the remaining time units. Remaining time can be formatted as: days: hours: minutes: seconds; days: hours: minutes; and days only, allowing you to adjust the format anytime.

Five Pre-Designed Themes

Five pre-designed display themes are available: default blue, orange, green, purple and gray. All these background colors can be customized to match the look and feel of your site.

Custom Display Style Supported

For special visual effects, you can create a personalized theme by uploading images for numbers and setting the timer’s background with a diversity of colors. You can even resize the timer using a specific zoom scale.

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