1. Introduction

SharePoint Document & Item Reordering is a new and powerful tool to customize lists and libraries according to the users' preferences. Imagine users need to access an item every day, or to prioritize lists according to specific requirements that cannot be met by SharePoint default sorting patters. SharePoint Document & Item Reordering allows for rearranging the order of items or folders in the lists, so most important ones can be sent to top, items that are no longer important can be send to bottom, or to any position in list or library.

2. How to Use Document & Item Reordering

To enable Document & Item Reordering, or to change it settings, click the Document & Item Reordering Settings link on the List Settings page.

In the following page, select the list and library views where Document & Item Reordering should be applied. By setting up different views in the Document & Item Reordering settings, users can reorder the list for each separate view. Thus, each of them can rank the list items according to their preferences.

For each view, the columns to be displayed on the ranking page can be selected. To switch between view, click on the Previous and Next buttons. The name of the view will be displayed above the column selector.

After enabling the product a button will appear in the Actions Menu. This button is available in the Standard View and the Datasheet View and Gantt view. To change the order of items in a list or a document library, click this button. A new page will be opened where the list items can be moved.

In this page the item to be moved in the list or library can be selected by checking the checkbox left of it. After this the item can be moved by either pressing the Up, Down, Top, or Bottom buttons, or by entering a value in the Reorder Field. Once the list is reordered, click OK to conform the changes.

After selecting an item, there are several ways to change the position of this item. Firstly, the user can move it up or down one position by clicking the Move Up or Move Down button.

To move the item to the top or bottom of the list, either press the Move to Top or Move to Bottom button. The view will change, so that the user will always see the item he is moving.

The last option to move an item is to specify a position in the list by entering number in the list. So if the user wants to move Chile to the third position, just enter 3 in the "Specify item position number" field.

After clicking the Move Item button, Chile will move to the third position in the list. Again, the window updates itself and the user will see Chile in the new position.

After finishing all the changes, click OK to confirm them. After that the list with the new item order will be displayed.

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