Outlook Integration Installation Guide

  1. Ready to Install
  2. Server Installation Process (Outlook Integration)
  3. Client Installation Process (Outlook Integration)
  4. FAQ's

1. Ready to Install

1. Once you have downloaded this file from www.boostsolutions.com. We will need to open up OutlookIntegration.zip, where there will be 2 folders in which we will need files from.

2. Next, we will open up the Server folder first. Please continue your Server installation process by going to section 2. Server Installation

Note: This is the icon for Outlook Integration Setup (Server Side)

3. We will need to choose the correct system type for our Client side installation.
Open “Client” folder:

Please check your Outlook version,
For Outlook 2007: click Help->About Microsoft Office Outlook

Outlook 2007 are all 32-bit version, Outlook 2010 has both 32bit and 64-bit version.

For Outlook 2010: click File->Help, user can see the version information



Once you know what your Outlook version is, open the corresponding folder and SharePoint Outlook Integration installer

4. Once you have figured out which system type you have, you will need to install the appropriate file from the appropriate folder which will contain an executable files for Microsoft Outlook (Client).

Note: this is the icon for the Microsoft's Outlook (Client Side)

5. Once you have selected the appropriate file, please proceed to 3. Client Installation

2. Server Installation Process (Outlook Integration)

1. After copying the BoostSolutions's OutlookIntegrationServiceSetup.exe to the server, please run this executable file. Please proceed by clicking the Next button.

2. Outlook Integration will now do a quick system check to make sure it can be installed without any problems. Please proceed with the installation by clicking Next

3. Please read the End-User License Agreement thoroughly before accepting. Afterwards, please continue the installation

4. In this next window, you will be asked to select one or multiple web applications in which you would like to include within this installation. After choosing your web application(s), please click the Next button to start installing Outlook Integration.

5. After you have successfully installed Outlook Integration, and successfully deployed to the farms, please close this window.

2.1. How to Check for Successful Installation on Server Side

1. In Central Administration, You will have to go under Application Management.

2. Once in Application Management, you will see a new option

3. You have just successfully installed Outlook Integration on the Server.

3. Client Installation Process (Outlook Integration)

3.1 Run as Administrator

Please run the Outlook Integration client installation file as a computer administrator. If you run it in Windows Vista or Windows 7, the User Access Control (UAC) window may popup, please click OK in it.

3.2 Software Prerequisites

If not already installed, the following components are installed during Outlook Integration's setup:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client
  • Microsoft VSTO 2010 Runtime

Note: Now in new version, prerequisite is “Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0”. (Windows XP is different; prerequisites for XP are “Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0”). If not already installed, installer will prompt the user to download and install.

3.3 Installation Process

After installing the appropriate programs, BoostSolutions's Outlook Integration installation window will pop-up, please "Next" your way through

1. Click Next…

2. Select folder where to install Outlook Integration

3. Confirm installation

4. Installation complete

3.4 Uninstalling Outlook Integration

3.4.1. Server Side Uninstall Guide

1. Please run the OutlookIntegrationServiceSetup.exe file

2. Next your way through to the Repair or Remove screen and click next after choosing Remove

3. Please next through and your Uninstallation is complete

3.4.2. Client Side Uninstall Guide

1. Please go into your Control Panel and into Uninstall a program

2. Find Outlook Integration in the program list, and click Uninstall

3. After saying yes to removing all components, after a few seconds, your uninstallation is complete.

3.5. How to Check for Successful Installation on Client Side

1. Please restart Microsoft Outlook and you will now have a new menu (in Outlook 2007 or a new tab in Outlook 2010) called "Outlook Integration."

3.6. Installation of Required Software

3.6.1. Microsoft VSTO 2010 Runtime Setup

4. A pop up will help guide you through your "Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client" installation process

5. Please read the User's Agreement thoroughly. Check "I have read and accept the license terms," and click "Install" to continue the installation

6. You have just installed Microsoft VSTO 2010 Runtime

3.6.2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Setup

1. A pop up will help guide you through your "Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Setup" installation process

2. Once installation is complete please click "Finish"

3. After installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, you are required to restart your computer to enable the newly installed .NET 4.0 Framework

Although there are many ways to use this product, it is highly recommended to take advantage of our SharePoint Outlook Integration Tutorial section for the basic usage.

4. FAQ's

4.1. What should I do if I cannot find the "Outlook Integration" tab?

1. If you cannot find the new Outlook tab called "Outlook Integration," it's because your Outlook may have not allowed BoostSolutions's add-in to start with your Outlook.

2. Please restart your outlook first to see if Outlook just needed to reload add-ins. If "Outlook Integration" tab is still not visible, you will have to go into the add-ins and manually allow BoostSolutions's Add-in to be enabled. To do this, please follow the steps below.

4.1.1. Outlook 2007

1. Please go to "Tools" tab and into "Trust Center"

2. In "Trust Center," please go to the "Add-ins" tab and press "Go…"

3. Please check "BoostSolutions Outlook Integration" to enable Load at Startup

4. Please restart Outlook 2007 for this effect to take place

4.1.2. Outlook 2010

1. Please go under "File" tab and into "Options." Under the "Add-Ins" tab, please press the "Go…" button at the bottom

2. In this pop-up, please enable "BoostSolutions Outlook Integration" and press "OK"

3. Please restart Microsoft Outlook 2010 for this effect to take place

4.2. What should I do if the downloader is not downloading Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework?

1. If the downloader isn't working, you will need to manually download Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework and install it.